Landscaping and Interlocking brick

Landscaping and Interlocking brick installation West Vancouver


Owner has asked for landscaping and paving stone work on driveway. Total square feet of driveway space was calculated at 2500 sq feet. Removal of trees on both sides of driveway, landscape edging, and general lawn and garden care on a biweekly rate.

Landscaping proposal

  1. Removal of cedar trees, on south side of driveway
  2. Removal of trees of North side of driveway
  3. Removal of 1 foot stone wall
  4. Prepare both sides of driveway for planting new shrubs and trees
  5. Layout both sides for new landscaping design and sprinkler system. 
  6. Mini Excavator work required = 1 day
  7. Tree and soil removal
  8. Stump removal
  9. North side of driveway will have soft rounded river stones approximately 3ft x 2ft all the way along driveway edge. Driveway edge to have slight curves with perennials, and ground moss to achieve low annual maintenance.
  10. North side of driveway to plant mature 10 to 15 foot trees with high foliage lines to eventually hang over driveway, this will allow maximum driveway width.
  11. Proposal of cedar 6×6 posts every 8 feet 6.5 feet high, with corrugated metal panels installed between. (Options and design still not confirmed so will not be part of this total)
  12. South side of driveway to have 5 foot Yew trees planted as replacement of cedar hedge.
  13. Plant a moss or bark mulch for ground cover on south side.


Total including all materials and labour

= $XXXX.00


Landscape and Lawn care biweekly

  1. Cut lawn every 2 weeks till October 15, 2018 or once grass stops growing (Cost = $55.00 per visit)
  2. Remove weeds and dead plants or flower buds
  3. Trim all bushes and hedges from new growth
  4. Clean up all garden areas and add soil and fertilizers once a year



= $XXX.00



Driveway interlocking brick Proposal

  1. Removal of all black top starting from roadway to back fence.
  2. Removal of existing drain tile that surrounds front of garage and wall
  3. Install new water catchment system with concrete to fit new stainless steel grate
  4. Removal of high spots on driveway were roots are pushing blacktop up
  5. Laser level driveway and create grade lines and level lines.
  6. Install approximately 7 yards or 6 inches of road base 3 /4 minus gravel to prepare driveway for new paving stones.
  7. Tamp all base materials before adding bedding sand
  8. Add approximately 2” of bedding sand over crushed gravel
  9. Tamp all bedding sand again
  10. Install level lines and use laser level to start finalizing level grade
  11. Use a bow rake and large sand trowel or screed to get all grades exactly perfect before laying paving stones.
  12. Remove all leveling materials before starting to install pavers
  13. Install edge restraint along one side of driveway to create first hard edge
  14. Install paving stone edges
  15. Install all paving stones.
  16. Tamp all new paving stones after adding a fine jointing sand over top of all paving stones.
  17. Sweep all sand and wash driveway once completed.

Landscaping and Interlocking brick installers West Vancouver BC, Canada,


landscaping and interlocking brick


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